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Parenting is HARD!

Parenting is HARD!

I had some recent thoughts on parenting and I was almost ashamed at the negativity I put on myself about it. Have you ever thought about what you could do more of? Do better at? Did you listen enough? This has been me.

My children graduated this month from high school. I am so proud of them

but also sad for me. I thought, this can’t be normal. I should be so happy for them. And I

am....but also scared, nervous, anxious, you name it and I have felt it.

Then I thought, how many of you will have this opportunity? What will your child’s next “chapter” look like? How do you feel navigating through whatever that may be?

There is no right or wrong answer. There is no guidebook on parenting. Each child is on their own journey.

While your next transition may be different than mine, I can guarantee that that little voice will be present, amongst your feelings, trying to bring you down.

STOP! YOU (and I) ARE ENOUGH! I stopped my negative thoughts by remembering that I

have done my very best. Some days were better than others but I know that my children have always had my unconditional love. Even when they made me feel angry, love was never missing. I know that I have helped them develop their own tools to navigate their next thing. And if there is a tool they don’t have, I will help them get it–no matter how old they get.

So I say “goodby negativity” and “hello to appreciation.” Appreciation for the opportunity to be their parent, to be by their side giving words of encouragement but also of discipline, and to have the love that only a parent can have and give to their children.

Parenting is HARD! We are all doing our best and we all need to give ourselves affirmations instead.

- Donna Kuni (Owner of Gemstones ABA Center - Cary, NC)

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