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At the end of February, I had the privilege of attending the North Carolina Applied Behavior Analysis (NCABA) conference alongside our clinic director, Donna, and Supervision Candidate, Kelly. This was an incredible experience. Over 3 days, I attended several sessions regarding client care, advocacy, training, and collaboration. I was able to challenge my thinking and learn so many new things. It has been so exciting coming back to the clinic and implementing the new skills and ideas I learned at the conference. One of my favorite things I learned was a new data collection method for tracking meaningful play experiences. This system provides a unique way to track the type of play and engagement with our clients. My favorite way to teach is through play and I love learning new ways to make meaningful experiences for our clients. We also had the honor of meeting Dr. Jon Bailey, a leader in our field. We were able to chat with him and learn from his talk at the conference. Thank you SO much to Donna Kuni and to our Families for making this opportunity possible!

-Hannah Jordan (BCBA, NCLBA)

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